As a veteran owned and operated company, we believe in helping vets and their families that are in need. We donate a percentage of all revenue to help veterans through various non-profit organizations such as the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

2024 Donations – SOWF: $903.08

2023 Donations – SOWF: $3,791.45

2022 Donations – SOWF: $1,814.32

We Believe It Should be Easy to Get Your Content into the Hands of Your Clients

Stop stressing over your technology stack.

That’s what Performance First Hosting was built to do: to help you deliver your content with no fuss.

Our original goal was not to build a hosting company. We were certified experts with AccessAlly and Memberium, 2 of the best LMS systems that exist for Wordpress.

However, we kept running into issues with hosting companies. Refusing to turn off caching, having security holes that leaked content, and overall creating more work with trying to figure out how to get around their limitations.

So we did the only reasonable thing. We spent hundreds of hours testing different technology stacks to find a solution that works for the LMS systems that course creators are using. We built a solution, tested it, improved it, and tested it more. Once we were sure we had a serious contender, we beta tested it with actual users.

We were told it was way faster than what they had been using. That they could not believe that all of the issues they had experienced with other hosts did not exist here.

You deserve to use hosting that pays for itself and solves your existing hosting related issues, rather than making you work around them. You deserve hosting that is fast, performance focused, and secure.

That’s why we are here. To help you succeed!

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Meet the Founder

an image of Scott Macon

Scott Macon has been involved in online learning management systems for over 5 years. As an AccessAlly Certified Expert, a Memberium Certified Implementation Partner, and an Infusionsoft Certified Expert he has helped setup and manage numerous online learning platforms for clients.

He has a Bachelors degree in Information Technology with an emphasis in Computer Security and Forensics, making him an ideal candidate for creating a secure hosting environment.

Clients rave about his ability to find solutions to any problem, and to do so quickly.

He is an Army Veteran with multiple deployments.