Performance First Hosting

The faster your site is, the more money it will make you. No one wants to use a slow web site.

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Fast Servers

The hardware we use only comes from the best data centers and providers available.


We configure our servers with the optimal caching stack for your member site, that will not affect your customers experience.

Automated Backups

Your site is backed up in multiple locations, on-site and off-site, for data redundancy.


The best security stack possible. Firewalls, malware scanning, and WordPress hardening.

Managed Updates

We take care of WordPress, theme, and plugin updates for you ensuring it is done right.

Realtime Monitoring

Real-time monitoring means we know if your site goes offline, so we can get it back quickly.

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Your Online Learning Platform Needs Special Consideration

That’s where Web Active comes in. We are experts in online learning management systems. Having worked with every major LMS there is we have seen every issue that can arise. This is what led us to create performance first hosting.

We were tired of dealing with hosts that put 400+ sites on a single server swamping the resources and causing issues with our sites.

We were tired of hosts that cache everything to increase performance, leading to pages not displaying properly, and lost sales.

We were tired of webhooks failing, when our business relied on these for communication between our CRM and our member platform.

We tried all the big name hosts, and while some are better than others, every one of them was lacking in one way or another.

Meeting Your Needs with Performance First Hosting

We solve all the pitfalls of existing hosting for your LMS. By delivering high performance servers we eliminate the need to cache all your pages, so that your clients still get a super fast experience, and see what they are supposed to see, rather than seeing someone else’s content.

Your webhooks will not fail due to a server issue, you get dedicated resources, and we have tested this with the most resource intensive webhooks out there to ensure it works every time.

We keep our servers in tip top shape and never overload them, so you will never need to worry about another site causing issues with your site.

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Security Comes Standard

With Web Active’s Performance First Hosting security comes standard. It is not an after thought like some other hosts.

We use a custom server stack that gives you enterprise level security while keeping your site insanely fast.

All hosting comes with:

  • Free SSL
  • Strong Firewalls
  • Hardened Servers
  • Malware Detection and Removal